Branded Lanyards

Branded Lanyard

Personalised Lanyards provide a wide array of high quality promotional branded lanyards which can be customised to your specific requirements. For use in a professional setting such as a hospital, office or school, or for something entirely different such as a music festival or charity event, we have a lanyard for it all!

Our branded lanyards are the crucial finishing piece to any event as they bring professionalism and exclusivity, whatever the occasion may be. Start to build your unique branded lanyard today!

Available in a Selection of Finishes

Our impressive branded lanyards are highly customisable as they feature a large range of both colour and material finishing options. For instance, our popular bootlace finish is ideal for events that require a light-weight and comfortable form of identification, whereas our eco bamboo finish is a durable and eco-friendly alternative that will emphasise how much your company / event cares about the planet. Our other finishes include sublimated, polyester printed, woven and polyester satin.

What Makes Our Branded Lanyards Unique?

Our superior quality products in combination with the many opportunities for customisation allow for a lanyard that can be perfectly tailored and up to the highest of specifications. As well as this, we can cater for events consisting of both small or large volumes, so you can be rest assured that everyone will receive a promotional branded lanyard from you.

Get in Touch

Personalised Lanyards has a team of UK based lanyard professionals waiting to help you, so if you have any questions regarding our services, contact us on 01524 848382, or alternatively you can email us or use our online form.

Discuss our lanyard collection with our in-house experts and see which style and colour would be best suited for you and your event. We look forward to helping you find the right lanyard for you!