Why You Should Utilise Lanyards as Marketing Tools

Custom lanyards are perfect for any event in which your company participates in. They can be extremely powerful tools when integrated in marketing campaigns, as they provide a simple but useful tool.


There are several advantages to choosing to integrate lanyards in your marketing strategy, aiding your business to expand and widen your brand’s recognition.

Getting Your Company out There


As lanyards can be personalised by colour and brand name, you have an object you can use with your brand’s colours and name. They are durable and made from quality material, which will allow for your brand’s name to be printed on them for a long time.


Unlike other marketing tools, lanyards are very visible; people can use them to carry a badge or an identity card, which is sure to make your brand more visible. From mobile phones to keys, lanyards represent a functional and useful marketing tool that people reuse, as they are helpful to carry belongings in a comfortable way.



Cost Effective


Lanyards are cost effective marketing tools for any business, particularly smaller companies with limited budget. They represent great value for money, and you can buy them in bulk for any event. Items such as t-shirts can be expensive to produce, and people tend to avoid wearing brand t-shirts if they don’t know it or don’t like it.


Convenient for You and for Your Clients


Stylish in varied colours, lanyards come in different styles that ensure you can find the ideal lanyard for your company and your clients. With details such as lanyard width, clip type, and colours to choose from, you are guaranteed to find your perfect solution.


As lanyards can be used as keychains and phone holders, clients will prefer them. Being able to reutilise marketing items is essential, as clients prefer functional and useful tools they can keep using. And it also shows that you think ahead, and provide something your clients can use over and over again!




Lanyards come in many colours, shapes, and sizes, and we offer varied solutions to ensure you find a high quality lanyard that suits your brand. At Personalised Lanyards we provide a wide range of choices for lanyard customisation, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your business. Simply get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01524 848382; our friendly team is always happy to help!


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