Lanyards in the Medical Industry

An increasing number of companies are requesting their employees to carry their photo identification with them at all times. This is especially necessary for industries where safety and security are of the utmost importance, like in the medical field. More and more nurses and doctors, as well as staff members who deal with medical supplies, keep an ID close and at hand.

Instead of carrying it their pockets, which is not practical, they carry lanyards around their necks. So, how does the medical field benefit from personalised lanyards?


Differentiate Between Members of Staff


When you go to a hospital you’ll encounter many different members of staff – doctors, nurses, vendors, etc. This can help you identify who’s who, so that you direct your questions to the right personnel and easily recognise your caregivers. Another advantage of this is that lanyards can help minimise identity theft and security risks in the healthcare sector, by preventing external parties from taking on the identity of a hospital employee.


Keep Sanitation in Check


In the medical industry, sanitation is vital. For this reason, lanyards carried by healthcare staff are generally anti-microbial. They feature a coat of particles that prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses, which makes them ideal for all kinds of healthcare centres, from hospitals to private clinics.


Safety Above All


Medical lanyards also feature breakaway connections. This means that you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck during emergency situations, as the detachable components can easily be undone if the need arises. The breakaway parts will break open if a certain amount of pressure is applied to the lanyard.


This can prevent the lanyards from causing accidents, such as catching them in machinery or snagging them on doors. Having credentials on hand is not just useful, but mandatory as well, so it’s important that there are also safety mechanisms in place to prevent them from becoming a liability.


Advertise Your Business


One thing that is common to most, if not all, lanyards, including medical ones, is their ability to be customised. You can choose the colours, patterns and sizes that best suit you and your business, whether that’s a private clinic or a medical company. You can add your own logo to your lanyards as well, which means they can be tailored to anyone working in the medical industry that is required to wear their credentials at all times.


Lanyards can be specially created for the medical field, as it’s a high demanding sector that requires safety procedures to always be in place. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our products and services, and how you can create your very own personalised lanyard.


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