Using customised Lanyards for Festivals

In this blog, we explain why customised Lanyards are perfect for promoting your brand at festivals as well as for managing security and identifying your key personnel. With festival season fast approaching, now is the time to order your event Lanyards!


Who uses Lanyards at Festivals?

Those organising, managing, sponsoring or displaying at the event will use Lanyards to keep track of and identify their people. Also, to enable them to get access to facilities and areas where only authorised personnel can go. Security remains a key concern. This is also important for festival goers as they can easily identify those involved in organising the event if they need help and advice. It gives them confidence and reassurance that there is support available if needed and that the event is well organised and managed. Excellent customer service, as well as security, is still a priority for festival organisers of course. If you are lucky you may also find a famous rockstar wearing a Lanyard with your logo on it. Now that would be worth a photo to post on your Social Media!


Customised Lanyards for Festivals

Lanyards are highly visible and therefore perfect for raising awareness of your brand. By personalising your Lanyards with your logo and organisation details it becomes a powerful, relatively inexpensive, promotional product. Constantly reminding the wearer, and those around them, of your organisation and the servicesĀ it offers. You may choose to sponsor a festival attended by your potential customers, and agree with the organiser that you will advertise on the Lanyard or perhaps supply them.
You may actually be organising the event and want to promote your own brand or the festival itself. The opportunities are endless. There is also a huge variety of folk attending festivals nowadays – all age groups and walks of life, travelling from places all across the UK and beyond! Festivals are no longer just for excitable teens! You can also be sure, therefore, of reaching a broad spectrum of people spreading your important message far and wide.


Safety Breaks or no Safety Breaks?

We always recommend using safety breaks. The risk of people putting something around their neck that will not easily snap if it gets caught or twisted is too great in our opinion. That is why at Personalised Lanyards Direct we only supply Lanyards with safety breaks! Not only are we committed to quality, we are also committed to safety.
With Lanyards at festivals, it is even more important that safety breaks are used given the likelihood of large, boisterous, groups gathering and on occasions having an excess of fun. You would not one of your representatives pulled over by an exuberant festival goer grabbing on the Lanyard!
Customised Lanyards for Festivals

Are you organising or involved in a smaller event or gathering?

Then why not also consider using our customised Silicone Wristbands, available on our website Like our Lanyards, they are customisable with your logo and organisation details and are perfect for building your brand, fundraising or to promote awareness of an important cause. Wristbands can be a memorable keepsake of the event or celebration. Also, an ideal way to keep track of those attending or organising the event, enabling them to access facilities and hospitality.

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