Ideas for Lanyards Within Schools

The possibilities for personalised lanyards are endless due to their practicality and simple design. Primarily used for identification, they are popular at events, exhibitions and are worn throughout many industries in order to identify members of staff.


Lanyards are used by staff in many schools, either to hold identification cards, classroom and cupboard keys or whistles that might be required throughout the day. However, it could be a good idea for pupils to wear lanyards for identification purposes too. Here are a few instances when they’d be most helpful.


Overhead Portrait Of College Students Standing In Hallway


School Trips


Allocating children with lanyards on school trips and any time out of the school premises would be an effective way to identify which school pupils come from. Lanyards with identification cards attached are a good way to represent the school, and act as a precautionary measure just in case pupils stray from the group and get lost. Members of the public will easily be able to see who they are and which school they’re from so they can contact the establishment directly.


Sports Days


For a more novel and fun use, different coloured lanyards to represent teams could be used in events like sports days, school charity events and other team building days. The children then have a souvenir to keep to remember the day! The identification wallet could contain a card to state which races or events pupils are taking part in to allow staff to be as organised as possible.


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School Dinners


Lanyards could be used to differentiate between pupils who have school dinners and those who bring packed lunches. This ensures that staff can keep an eye on which classes are due for lunch and to create a more orderly system.


Alternatively, as lanyards are customisable, different colours could be used to identify any food requirements, whether they are allergies or eating preferences such as vegetarianism. This ensures that members of staff are aware of what students are allowed to eat and can advise the children about what to choose from the menu.


These are just a few suggestions where lanyards could come in handy to create a more efficient system within schools, but they can also be worn by students day to day to hold identification cards. As they fit loosely around the neck, they won’t damage the uniform like badges, and they won’t fall off like stickers. If you think that your school could benefit from the uses of lanyards, feel free to contact us at 01524 848382.


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