How Lanyards Can Make Your Workplace More Secure

Increasing security in your workplace is always a concern; making sure that your employees and your belongings are secure is vital. Regardless of your business, lanyards are the perfect way of ensuring you take extra steps to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Here are a few reasons of how lanyards can help you make sure your workplace more secure:



Different levels of access can be differentiated immediately through differently coloured lanyards. Regardless of your workplace, easy but secure access is vital in order to have a well-functioning business. In addition to securely holding ID badges, lanyards can come in different colours and provide instant recognition of your employees’ access level.

The optimisation of your business allows for higher levels of productivity and a rise in profits, both short and long term. Your employees will also have the confidence of easily distinguishing fellow employees, and knowing that you work towards their safety.



ID Badges

Having ID badges is common in workplaces, but they can be lost or misplaced easily. While keeping them in wallets or pockets might seem like a good practice, it can be quite inconvenient. Providing lanyards is a great way to ensure your employees not only always wear them but that they keep them in a safe place.

ID lanyards are perfect for hospitals, for example, in which ensuring the safety of patients is essential. The durability and sturdiness of these lanyards are accompanied by a choice of ID wallets, sure to keep your company’s ID safe and sound in the right hands.


Extra Safety

In big corporations, it can be difficult for security guards and other employees to know everyone working in the building. As well as holding IDs, lanyards can have your company’s name and logo branded on, which makes it simple and easy to identify employees.

For charities, identifying volunteers becomes easier, which helps to ensure that everyone at the event knows who to reach. At schools, the safety of children is paramount and lanyards help to securely hold IDs for both teachers and students.


If you need a secure way of ensuring extra safety in your workplace, we have a wide range of lanyard solutions you can choose from. Be sure to get in touch with our expert team by giving us a call on 01524 848382; we’re always happy to help and to answer any query you might have!

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