How Do Businesses Get it Wrong at Christmas?

A time of joy and goodwill to all men (and women) Christmas is a marketing professional’s dream, but it’s surprising how easily this “gift” can result in a campaign that is a real turkey!


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Too Loud!


One mistake firms make is to get extra pushy during the build-up to the festive season, believing that if you stamp everything with a Christmas message, it makes hard-sell more palpable. If anything, the opposite is true: consumers are more sophisticated and savvy in their buying habits these days and the global economic situation means they are more alert to the possibility of having the wool pulled over their eyes.


Keep it Real


Have you noticed how marketing has veered away from “pushing buttons” with little regard for genuine understanding of consumers? That’s why the adverts featuring celebrities prancing around in high street clothing ranges have disappeared. Few believed international stars shopped at M&S and Debenhams and so these days the emphasis is on “keeping it real.”


The companies most likely to get noticed are those that use a direct, simplistic approach with the benefits of their products and services on display, rather than “in your face” campaigns with whistles and bells. One company that tried to be hip in its Christmas marketing last year was US firm Target. Joining the Christmas sweater trend, it rolled out jumpers saying “Obsessive Christmas Disorder”. Thanks to growing awareness of the sensitivities of mental illness, few people got the “joke”.


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Who Won?


Storytelling is a theme of marketing on all levels these days and that includes the much-anticipated TV ads. The 2016 Christmas advertising campaigns by big UK supermarkets led to fevered debate about the “winner”, though pundits widely put Asda’s “boring” product and price led ads, and Aldi’s “Kevin the Carrot” series, at the bottom of the pile.


Pundits believe that around one-quarter of Christmas gifts are purchased on Black Friday and it’s fast becoming part of the festive build-up. Some big names pulled out this year, citing the logistical nightmare it presents and consumer “bargain fatigue” as reasons. Yet one online firm believes that British shoppers spent £2.31m a minute during the day, so retail trading figures for this period may show that non-participation was costly.


Good Idea Wrapped up For You


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