Craft Ideas for Old Lanyards

The whole point of having a personally customised lanyard is that it is specifically designed to match with a certain event, which makes them incredibly useful for everything from security to bonding with other fans. This issue, of course, is that it can seriously limit the opportunities for reuse. However, that doesn’t mean that those wonderful lanyards have to go to waste! Instead, why not consider breathing new life into them with these options for craft activities…


Key Ring Accessory


Antique padlock and keys


We’ll start simple, with a bright and cheerful decorative key ring accessory. You just need one old lanyard to make this work, and with a couple of quick stitches you can make a handy loop to attach to your key ring.


If you want to make things a little bit more exciting, or if your lanyard doesn’t have a very attractive design, then you can also redecorate them with a splash of paint or even some lace to make the accessory more personal.


Woven Necklace


This is a little bit more complicated, but you’ll feel great once you’ve pulled it off… and have a whole new accessory to add to your wardrobe, which is never a bad result!


Separate your lanyard into thinner strips and weave them together along with a simple plastic or metal chain to get a versatile necklace – the same technique could also make a bracelet of course, and in that case you wouldn’t even need to include a chain.


Cable Tie


closeup of electric cable 3d image


If necklaces and key rings aren’t quite doing it for you then maybe you’re looking for a more practical craft – in that case, a cable tie is definitely going to be a handy item. All you need to do is loop the lanyard around the cables and secure it with a twist tie (the type that are often used to secure sandwich bags) and then hey presto, fewer tangled cables and neater area around the computer or behind the TV.


Once again, you can choose whether you want to decorate the lanyard yourself or leave it customised with the company or logo from the event that you took it from; either way it can be a very smart and simple option for keeping things neat.


Of course, before you can start recycling your lanyards you need to use them – so if you’ve got an event coming up and need lanyards for security, marketing or even just to offer as a giveaway, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us; you can find us online or at 01524 848382 and start discussing the options.


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