Branding Your Event (Part 2): Getting Social

Planning an event for your business or cause is a big step forward in getting noticed. You will want people to sit up and take note of what you can offer them, and branding your event is a brilliant way to have your target audience recognise your company.


We’ve previously mentioned the importance of colour when trying to brand your event venue, promotional materials and overall feel at your event, but this time we’re going to focus on another aspect of marketing which can help make your event stand out – social media promotion.


Why Use Social Media?


We’re in a world where people rely on social media every day; whether it’s for leisure of business, it helps people stay in the loop with the things and people that they love most.


Social Media on Mobile


In order to reach out to your audience – and even further out of that circle – social media can help you effortlessly target the right people through networking. It doesn’t matter whether you get a few likes or even a handful of shares of a post; this will put your business on the feeds of people who won’t necessarily know of your business, increasing your reach and audience.


If you are planning an event, it’s always advisable to create an event on Facebook using a branded account which can give people all the information that they will need. This will help to get the message out about your event – and what’s more, anyone who clicks “attending” will automatically share the event with their feed, who will also be able to see it if the settings are set to public, increasing reach even more!


Using Branded Hashtags


Hashtags are an incredible resource which can be utilised in many different ways. Their main use is to collate posts which are of a similar theme or topic, which is perfect for use at an event. By creating a unique, branded hashtag, you can encourage people who attend to tweet about their experience at the event while giving your brand much-needed exposure on social media platforms, too!


Social networking make life more interesting iStock_000068837997_Small


There are many ways in which you can introduce a hashtag to your attendees; alert them to it on their invitation, brand your promotional items with the hashtag, or even have it on their lanyards and name badges so that they have it readily available should they want to use it during the event! This also gives you a resource of relevant posts which relate to your event to look after it has occurred!


Social media is so powerful in today’s technology-obsessed world, so it’s important that you are harnessing this power to help get your business or cause in front of the right people. If you like the idea of branding a lanyard with your social media handles or even a branded hashtag for your event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Personalised Lanyards today by calling 01524 848382 and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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