Branding Your Event (Part 1): All About Colours

From posters and banners down to the promotional lanyard, the branding of your corporate or commercial event needs to be perfect if you want people to feel positive about the event. One of the easily overlooked factors which is absolutely crucial is colour – and choosing the right shades to be splashed across the venue and promotional materials can change the entire mood of the event, while also adding professionalism and style!


The colorful hanging ceramic lamp for decorate




With some studies showing that blue is by far the most popular colour for men and women alike, this is probably a safe choice – which possibly explains why so many social media and internet sites use it for their logos.


It has connotations of trust and dependability, making it a good choice when you’re trying to persuade people that you’re a reliable choice. However, as a cool colour it can also feel detached – something to consider if you’re trying to build a theme of safety or security.




Red is an exciting and adventurous colour which will add energy to your event and help to get pulses racing. Of course, it also sends off signals of passion and love, making it a common (if obvious) choice for any events centred on romance.


As a very powerful colour, you have to be very careful not to go overboard with bright shades of red – remember that it makes a great impact when used as an accent colour, but can become pretty overwhelming if used as the primary colour.


Red lanyard with metal carabiner.




Earthy tones like green are certainly useful for environmental events, but that’s not all it’s good for! Other concepts which people have been found to associate with the colour green include ‘freshness’ and ‘money’, making it a more versatile choice than you might have realised.


Green is also said to be a calming colour, making it popular in offices, and its only real drawback is a somewhat loose association with jealousy: the green-eyed monster.




A happy and positive colour, yellow lifts the mood and can give a similar energy injection to the colour red – without all of that rage. Considering how happy yellow can make people, it’s surprising that we don’t see it in more branding; its relative rarity makes it an interesting choice without too many risks.


Experiment with different colour combos until you have one that feels right, and when your branding is ready get in touch with us to have your customised lanyards printed. Just contact us online or at 01524 848382 today!


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