5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Charity Event

Charities are very close to our hearts here at Personalised Lanyards Direct; they create awareness and raise funds for some of the most important causes in our world.


Charity events are a great way to drum more exposure for the charities cause, and even raise more funds to go towards their research and support! However, it’s important to plan these events properly to ensure that they’re as successful as possible to maximise the exposure and fundraising that the event can create!


Define the Purpose


Not every charity event is aimed at fundraising, so it’s essential that you determine what the purpose of the event will be before you plan anything else.



Will it be to raise more awareness? Will it be to showcase the research that your funding has helped advance? Or will it be a celebration of your charity and its achievements? Whatever you decide on, you will need to figure this out so that you know how to plan the event accordingly.


What Is Your Budget?


Any event – no matter whether it’s charity focussed or not – will need a budget. Unless you have contacts which are happy to provide their services for free, you will have expenses to pay out for, and it’s essential that you are setting yourself a budget to ensure that you’re sticking within what you can afford.


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Your expenses can range from equipment or venue rental, promotional item purchase (such as personalised lanyards depicting your charity’s logo) and other marketing materials, to catering and staff wages if required.


You shouldn’t aim to spend this entire budget, however – it’s always best to have a little left over to cover any costs which may arise that you hadn’t originally budgeted for.


Who Are Your Target Audience?


Identifying who you will be targeting with your event is an important aspect to consider while planning your event. Will you be opening your event to everyone to attend, or will you be focussing your attention to one specific demographic, such as businesses or maybe even younger people.



This may typically depend on what you defined as your purpose of the event, as it will ultimately define the sort of people that you would like to see at your event. For fundraisers, you’d want to target people who could potentially donate to your cause, whereas for exposure, you could target smaller businesses so that you could help each other with getting each other’s names out there.


Planning the Set Up


Having some idea of how you would like your event to run is essential to the success of your event. From deciding on the layout within your venue, to understanding how your day is going to flow, it’s important to think about the initial set up and running of your day during the planning process.




This will allow you to make tweaks where you feel necessary, and also get a feel for how well your event is going to work together with your initial purpose.


Remember To Say Thank You!


No matter what you’re holding your event for, you’re going to be grateful for your guests attending and, even in some cases, donating. Either way, you need to make sure that you are planning to say thank you to your attendees at some point during the event.


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All to often, we get carried away with the amount of fun that we’re having at events, and it’s very easy to forget to thank those people who made it possible, but planning ahead and making sure that you’ve included it in your itinerary ensures that you’re well prepared!


Here at Personalised Lanyards Direct, we want you to have the perfect charity event experience. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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