5 Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Business

Marketing your business is a vital component for your company, especially if you own a small business. Inexpensive marketing ways ensure you gain visibility and widen your audience in a cost-effective way. Certain steps of the marketing process are mandatory in the modern world, such as having a website, and can help propel your company forward.


Create a Website

Relatively inexpensive, website domains allow you to have your own website that is easy to maintain. If you offer products, cataloguing your stock and prices is a great way of ensuring your customers can access an organised and efficient website that reflects on your professionalism.



Having your own website is a great, cost-effective way of getting your name out there and it serves as a platform for all of your communication needs. It also allows you to have a personalised e-mail with your business’ website domain. From your website, you can easily develop your online personality and create lasting relationships with your customers.



Blogging and Guest Blogging


Having a blog on your website is a great way of showcasing your expertise in your industry. By writing tips and advice on topics you’re knowledgeable about, you’ll be creating authority and drive traffic to your website. Writing blogs means you add another indexed page to your website, which leads to the possibility of driving more traffic to your website through blog pages showing up in search engines.


Sharing these blogs on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, helps you to be found on social media. You expose your company and business to a new audience that may not know you, ensuring you increase your customers. From traffic, you can convert it to leads through a call-to-action that lands customers on a landing page in which they can introduce their information into. This effort will provide a return, both short and long term, that will increase your business’ profits.



Think Social (Media)


An absence of your business on social media can lead to a loss in credibility, as potential customers are known for checking social media for business accounts’ presence. Social media accounts allow you to showcase your brand’s personality and utilise them as an extension of your website.


With the increased importance of social media in everyday life, you can engage with your customers in a positive way. This interaction can lead to an improved reputation and build a sense of trust, as you can reply to any arising issues immediately and demonstrate your concern for professionalism and consumer happiness.


Creating social media events, particularly charity events, gets you noticed and can provide your business with media coverage and positive attention. And as people tend to see websites such as Facebook as social networks and not marketing platforms, your advertising campaigns have higher chance of being noticed and lead to increased web traffic.



E-mail Marketing


E-mail marketing is effective like magazine adverts, with the added bonus of being cost-effective. Without having to pay fees for exposure, e-mail marketing is an efficient way of targeting audience that wants to receive the information. As customers sign on for these e-mailing lists, you are able to achieve a higher conversion rate; these customers already have an interest in your brand and are more likely to click the links within your e-mail.


Impulse buying plays a big factor in e-mail marketing, as calls-to-action with links to promotions and discounts that direct customers to the checkout page can drive customers to be tempted to buy items from your website. E-mail marketing is easy to use and to create, ensuring an immediate coverage of your audience. You start to see results within minutes of beginning your campaign, ensuring a return on investment.


Personalised Lanyards


Marketed merchandise helps to increase the visibility of your brand and company. Personalised lanyards are cost-effective and efficient marketing tools, as they are great value for money. Items such as t-shirts, for example, are more expensive to produce. Customers might also avoid wearing t-shirts with brand’s names on them, as people tend to not wear t-shirts from brands they don’t like.


Personalised lanyards are great ways of gaining more visibility on your brand, as you can have them in any colour you want, with any text you want. As they are durable, the quality material will ensure that your brand’s name won’t fade easily or quickly.


The versatility of personalised lanyards ensures that customers will utilise them for functions such as a keychain, which provides them with functional and useful marketing tools. People appreciate marketing tools that can be reused, as it shows thoughtfulness and will make customers enjoy wearing them and showcasing your brand.



We want to help you promote your brand in a cost-effective way, which is why our personalised lanyards are made from high-quality material. Our team of experts is always happy to help should you have any queries; simply get in touch on 01524 848382 to speak to us.

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