4 Tips to Making Sure Employee Inductions Go Well Within Your Workplace

Hiring a new employee can be a nerve-wracking experience for both parties; for the employer, it’s the worry that you’ve not got everything in place to help them be successful in their new role, and for the employee it’s the uncertainty of a new workplace and a new position.


This is why inductions for all new employees should be carried out on their first day – to ensure that both employer and employee know exactly where they stand and can be sure that they are both setting off on the right foot together.


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Compile Welcome Packs


The best way to help your new employee to get a grasp of your company as a whole is by giving them a welcome pack with everything that they could need to know about the business.


The firm handshake  between two colleagues in office.


Whether it’s a rundown of the departments and who they should see if they need help, to the general layout of the business – even the daily structure they can expect, it gives them some familiarity straight away.


You should also include training booklets to help then through the training that they will need to undergo. This will allow them to revise all the information that they will need, ensuring that they are adequately prepared.


Make Sure You Have ID Ready


Many businesses nowadays require that all their staff have some form of identification while they are in the workplace.


Hello my name is badge


Whether this is for security reasons or simply so that people have a way of knowing who their colleagues are, it’s important that you have the new employees ID ready and waiting for them on their first day.


It can feel pretty daunting if you’re the only one without a name badge, even if it’s your first day in the workplace! You want to make sure that the new employee feels as at home and included as possible right from the start.


Make Sure You Give Them A Break


It can be incredibly easy to want to throw everything at the new employee on their first day to get them up to speed and raring to go, but as we all know, we’re only human, and being bombarded with information constantly isn’t going to make them take in information any quicker.


coffee cup kitchen i


By scheduling in regular breaks for your new employee, you’ll give them time to breathe and really take in what is going to be expected of them. It also gives them the opportunity to take a leisurely look at the business at their own pace, and even have a chat with their new co-workers to start forging relationships with them.


Make sure that you’re also providing them with refreshments; tea, coffee, juice and snacks always go down well, and make the business seem friendly and relaxed!


Present Them With a Brand Lanyard


Now that they’ll have their own ID, make sure that you’re giving them a branded lanyard, too. This will give them a sense of belonging to your particular business, as well as giving them a useful item to hang keys or other items from to keep them on their person at all times.


Id holder attached to blue lanyard


Having a lanyard makes it easy for them to remove their name badge at the end of the day, and won’t damage their clothes like a pin name badge would.


With practical forward planning and a generally positive outlook, all your inductions should go smoothly and without a hitch!


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