4 Reasons More Businesses Should Use Lanyards

As one of the leading custom lanyard providers in the country, we already know how beneficial and practical having a lanyard for your business can be.


However, it’s quite startling to learn how many businesses still don’t know the benefits of using lanyards, both within their company and for marketing purposes.


So what are the benefits of lanyards? Why should more businesses invest in them?


They Improve Your Brand Visibility


Due to the nature of wearing a lanyard, they are pretty hard to miss. Hanging around the neck, they are in everyone’s eye line when they have a conversation with others and are sure to catch their eye.



Having a printed lanyard that displays your company name is sure to get some attention, and is a great talking point at meetings and network events where you will want people to notice your company.


It’s a subtle yet effective way to promote your brand- don’t miss out!


They are Personal


The whole point of investing in a personalised lanyard is to create a unique item that is completely unique to your business- no other business will have the same.


Make sure you have a personal logo that stands out from the crowd and print it on your lanyard. This way more people will know what company you are for and be able to distinguish your company from others.


They Are Practical


Lanyards aren’t created just to look great (although, we strive to make sure that they do!). They are an incredibly practical item which your employees will probably appreciate.


Red lanyard with metal carabiner.


Long gone are the days of pin name badges that ruin your clothes with holes- simply invest in a business lanyard that all employees can wear to hold their employee card or name badge. This makes it much easier to remove your identity at the end of the day without damaging your clothing.


They Can Be Used To Identify Employees


Not only do they provide a convenient, comfortable way for your employees to display their identity, lanyards can also help you identify different employees in different departments.


Couple and Landlord - iStock_000014915516_Medium


Creating a different lanyard for each part of your business is a great way to determine what department an employee is from, reducing any confusion during conversations where you may believe that they are from a completely different department than the one they are actually in.


Here at Personalised Lanyards Direct, we are determined to make more businesses aware of the fantastic benefits that having a personal printed lanyard bring to a company and the brand as a whole.


If you would like to create a lanyard for your company to start 2016 off right for your brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01524 848382 today.


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