3 Things You Didn’t Know About Lanyards

Everyone knows what a lanyard is and they’re used to seeing them in a lot of different places and situations, from hospitals to events, for example. They also come in different shapes and sizes, and can be customised to have the look and feel you require. You can even be the one to build them through our Personalised Lanyards builder.


A lanyard provides the perfect way to wear an ID or to simply hold your house keys. They can be multicoloured or simple, have logos or a block colour, or even be made of different materials. But even though they are used on an everyday basis, there are a few fun facts about lanyards that you might not know.


‘Lanyard’ is French


It’s a word you’re used to hearing in modern English, but it comes from the French. The word ‘lanyard’ originated from the Anglo-French word lanier during the fifteenth century, and it meant ‘strap’. Over the years it evolved to the current pronunciation.






Lanyards Are Used In The Military


Although they are normally associated with company events, identification badges or promotional gifts, lanyards didn’t always have these common uses.


They became known for their use in the military during World War II, as a way to secure whistles, guns and swords. They were able to hold anything small, so they were attached to soldiers’ uniforms. Since they became dirty very fast, they were plaited and cleaned during times of peace, to match the carefully kept uniforms.


The soldiers would be able to access their weapons easily, and the lanyard would also prevent them from falling in water, if necessary. And the military still uses lanyards today, mainly to differentiate between ranks.


Id holder attached to blue lanyard iStock_000058687642_Small



Lanyards Are Used For Hiking


A hiker can expect to travel long distances while carrying heavy-duty equipment. And walking for hours while climbing a mountain is a sure way of getting thirsty fast and often, so having a water bottle to hand is time-saving and useful. Lanyards can be built to withstand a variety of weights, which means they can be used to carry not only water bottles, but also heavier items if needed.


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