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Personalised Lanyards - Customised & Printed Lanyards

At Personalised Lanyards, our UK-based team is made up of experts who are just waiting to help you create customised lanyards for your event or business.


Whether you require 300 lanyards for staff to be easily identifiable in your place of work, or you need upwards of 10,000 at a massive event that you have organised, we are able to create printed lanyards in the quantities that you require, with a range of prices to choose from when picking your style of lanyard.


How Printed Lanyards Can Help You


Customised lanyards provide a range of benefits to the user and your business. Whether you require a large quantity for a music festival, or a smaller bundle for your school or college, we are able to meet your requirements.


Printed lanyards are a practical way to make people easily identifiable, while simultaneously promoting your event or business through the branding of the lanyard of your choosing. By picking your brand’s colours and name to print onto the material, your staff will be instantly recognisable as ambassadors of your brand.


The Personalised Lanyards Process


By using our online lanyard designer, the process of choosing and creating your lanyard is seamless from start to finish. It allows you to choose from various materials, widths, clips, as well as the style of ID wallet for wearers to store their relevant pass or booklet.


This simple method enables you to order your printed lanyard as soon as possible, allowing our team to provide you with the design that you require.


Want to Find Out More About Customised Lanyards?


Here at Personalised Lanyards, we’re always happy to talk through your requirements to give you any advice that you require. If you’d like to speak to a member of our friendly team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01524 544122.